On Wednesday, October 8th, the residents of the Santa Rosa Valley will meet at the Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School under the banner of the Santa Rosa Valley Community Association to discuss how the Valley can effect more control over its destiny.

The meeting is being billed as an opportunity to demonstrate to Supervisor Linda Parks the level of support that exists for forming a Municipal Advisory Committee (MAC). Supervisor Parks is in a position to provide substantial support for the formation effort. The MAC concept has been discussed on several previous occasions, but has become important again because the Ventura County Department of Transportation is getting ready to propose doing away with the primary traffic mediation provision implemented when the Moorpark / Santa Rosa Road intersection was rebuilt. They are proposing to remove the No Right Turn on Red restriction. Click here to read a draft of the DOT Proposal (.pdf)

The immediate problem will no doubt have priority in the meeting discussions, but the critical issue is how can the Valley have a greater (and longer lasting) impact on these decisions. The DOT is obviously laying the groundwork to convert Santa Rosa Road into a multi-lane, high speed thoroughfare including the originally proposed "free-flow right turn lane" at Moorpark and Santa Rosa Roads. The denials regarding a Santa Rosa Valley Freeway between Simi Valley and Camarillo are becoming more and more suspect.

The County has been unable (or unwilling) to press for conformance to the Transportation Plan which defined State Route 118 as the primary route across the middle of the County. They have yielded to pressure from the community of Somis and have stopped trying to convince the State that development of that corridor should be a priority item. The Santa Rosa Valley failed to take the offense in that fight, and now it is on the defense.


Page last revised: October 4, 2003