OCTOBER 15, 2003

By Rosemary Allison
Present at the Moorpark city Council Meeting were the following SRVCA members:Rosemary Allison, Chair; Janis Gardner, Vice-Chair; Mark Burley; Shane Blaser; Jan Woodfill; Bruce Cohen, President of Bridlewood HOA; Beau Hill, and Paul Bonds.

Our presence was in response to the following agenda item 9B: The City Council of Moorpark allowed Judy Mikels who sent her aid to speak to the Council; requesting that the Moorpark city Council disregard our recommendations and write a letter recommeding the removal of the no right on red to the Board of Supervisors due to traffic problems suffered in Moorpark on tierra Rejada Road due to the NO right on Red. We weren't surprised... just disappointed. Especially when you read what was in the Star article yesterday:

" Jarrod DeGonia, who works for Supervisor Judy Mikels, said the restriction was implemented at the request of Santa Rosa Valley residents after a 2001 traffic accident that killed Jennifer Bonds, a teenager who was struck and killed while jogging alongside Santa Rosa Road."

"After Jennifer was killed, the county approved several traffic changes to the road. No right on red was one of them," said DeGonia, who added that Mikels is neutral on the proposed change and is waiting to hear what the Moorpark City Council says.


After we presented our side of the story, the City Council of Moorpark Voted ; 3 to 2 in favor of writing a letter from the Moorpark Council to recommend changes to the intersection signal.- Council agreed to write a letter in support of the green arrow light at the corner of Santa Rosa and Moorpark Road, to be activated only when the left turn arrow from Santa Rosa Road to Moorpark Road is in effect. LEAVING THE NO RIGHT ON RED SIGN.

Mikos and Harper were on our side; being the dissenting votes. BUT...... we did score some victories. They did not AGREE TO THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS RECOMMENDATIONS.

We specifically addressed the issue of Captain Lunn in; Department of Public works; report, and told them that I had personally spoken with him as well as had an e-mail confirmation from him.

It was agreed that the letter (to be written by Ken Gilbert) would contain the following:

1. The Moorpark City Council does not recommend the removing the NO RIGHT ON RED at this time at the intersection of Santa Rosa Road and Moorpark arrow. The recommendation that County Board of Supervisors implement; the needed; safety measures including center medians, additional traffic signals (at least where there is a 4 way stop) be implemented to provide breaks in this road for the safety of the residents as well as the commuters within a reasonable time period. Until such time that these additional safety measures are implemented that the Council voted to recommend the addition of a green arrow light that would allow a stream of traffic entering Santa Rosa Road ONLY when the left turn light is green going in a northerly direction from Santa Rosa Road.

2. The Road designation of Santa Rosa Road is a 2 lane Class 1 road; not an arterial suburban artery and that any and all pressure should be put on Caltrans and the County of Ventura to not utilize "Band-Aid" measures such as utilizing roads which are located in residential neighborhoods (i.e. Santa Rosa Road, Tierra Rejada, Los Angeles Ave) to  support the traffic that should be on the freeway systems by improving them to a level higher than the surrounding residential neighborhoods would shoulder if the freeway system was adequate.

3.  Recommend a reduction of the speed limit on Santa Rosa Road that will discourage Tierra Rejada, Moorpark Road and Santa Rosa Road from becoming a QUASI offramp of the 118-23 to the Camarillo 101 onramp.

4. Their awareness that this intersection is one of the few equestrian trail crossings in the area connecting to the McCrea regional park and that the proximity to the elementary school as well as the lack of signaled intersections played a role in your decision not to endorse the Public Works recommendation.


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