NOVEMBER 18, 2004

By Jim Fortney

The following brief notes are provided in advance of the official minutes so interested individuals can be aware of key Council activities. Additional topics were discussed that are not covered here.

Supervisor Parks provided a preliminary report on the assessment district survey taken in October. There was an approximately 50% response which was much greater than can normally be expected. Neither of the alternative projects received a level of support adequate to qualify for further action by the County. The Council expects to receive the official results before the next meeting and will discuss the results at that time.

A resident from Presilla Rd reported on efforts to fight installation of a Cellular Site on the hilltop above Yucca Drive. A Public Hearing before the Planning Commission is scheduled for Thursday, December 9th at 8:30 a.m. The neighborhood has paid $2.000 to have this appeal of a Planning Division supported application. For more information, contact Peggy Ludington, 805-523-0445.

Don Shubert reported on plans to have a Community Beautification project that would include operation of a recycling and waste collection site at Santa Rosa School. The County will distribute advertising notification on the event.

Ruth Means reported that the County will not intervene in the Arroyo blockage issue discussed previously (no details provided) and that individual homeowners are pursuing legal action.

Mark Burley reported that a private not-for-profit corporation is being formed to accept and manage trail dedications in the Valley. Individuals interested in supporting or learning more about the effort are encouraged to contact Mark.

Mark Burley gave an excellent report on his review of the County's General Plan EIR distributed last month. Key issues were discussed including designation of Santa Rosa Road as a two-lane road and language suggesting that sewers might be appropriate to resolve (undocumented) ground water problems. An extended discussion of the issues concluded with a statement that the MAC was not submitting an official response to the EIR concerning the traffic element but that a position statement on the sewer issue would be developed and reviewed at the December MAC meeting. It was recommended that individuals submit comments to the County on any areas of concern.

Janis Gartner and Officer Moriarty reported on the installation of standard CHP "Community Traffic Enforcement Area" signs for the Santa Rosa Valley. Approximately 40 signs will be installed in Ventura County and 10 of them will be in our area. The signs will be posted on existing sign posts on Moorpark Road, Santa Rosa Road, and East Las Posas Road over the next several weeks.


Page revised: November 18, 2004