SEPTEMBER 20, 2005

By Jim Fortney

The following brief notes are provided in advance of newspaper accounts so everyone can be aware of the action of the Ventura County Board of Supervisor's today. The following message was distributed to the Announcements List.

Subject: Authorization to Vote for Assessment District Approved 5/0

The Board of Supervisors for the County of Ventura authorized the Recommendations presented by Supervisor Parks to Hold a Ballot Vote for the creation of a Benefit Assessment District for the purpose of installing four additional traffic signals in the Santa Rosa Valley.

In a surprise change of position, Supervisor Mikels joined the other four Supervisors in approving the Ballot opportunity. She made it clear that she was not approving the signaling project, but only allowing the citizens to officially voice their position on the issue. Apparently ignoring the impact it would have on Santa Rosa Road access by residents on Andalusia (East) and the new Santa Rosa Highlands development, Supervisor Mikels insisted that she wants the 'No Right on Red' at Moorpark Road removed immediately upon installation of the new signals.

The County traffic engineering staff again made it clear that the synchronization claims being made by the promoters of the proposition are not supportable. Supervisor Bennett went so far as to request language in the approved action that makes it clear the traffic engineering staff (not the citizens) will have complete control over whatever signal timing has to be established because of the new signals. It is recognized that the wait times from signalized streets accessing Santa Rosa Road may be longer than drivers feel is justified by the traffic.

[The mail ballot is] scheduled to be completed by November 8th. Supervisor Mikels pointed out the vague language in the Ballot Notice and that it may tend to create a bias towards approval of the issue. She made it clear that the balloting tally will be based upon votes submitted and that the failure of an eligible voter to cast his vote is in essence a partial vote for the measure.

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Page revised: September 20, 2005