NOVEMBER 15, 2005

Ventura County Supervisors today approved the establishment of a Benefit Assessment District in the Santa Rosa Valley to fund the installation, operation, and maintenance of four additional traffic signals.

The Supervisors voted 4-to-1 to establish the District and accept the $250,000 donation offered by a resident living within the area. The donated funding, along with the Board's approval for expenditures in advance of receiving District funding, will allow the County Public Works Department to begin the project this fiscal year. Included in the action was a specific declaration that the Public Works Department will have full authority over the system's operating parameters, and that because of the synchronization requirements, Valley residents should expect extended delays in accessing Santa Rosa Road, The Board thanked the community for accepting these provisions.

The lone Supervisor voting against the District was Judy Mikels. She holds the seat elected by voters living in Moorpark and Simi Valley. Mikels prefaced her vote with an explanation that she could not, in good conscience, vote for a proposal that the County's professional staff has indicated will not work. She also made it clear that she expects approval of the District to allow removal of the "no right on red" restriction at Moorpark and Santa Rosa Roads.

The Supervisors' action followed receipt of a report on the Balloting conducted to gain a sense of support for the Assessment District. The consultant who conducted the balloting reported that 84% of the eligible voters cast valid ballots. The votes were weighted based upon a relative estimate of the benefit to be received. Over 71% of the weighted votes were cast in favor of the District (approximately 67% of the votes). About 2% of the ballots submitted were determined as invalid for various technical reasons.

Members of the Santa Rosa Valley Municipal Advisory Council and the Santa Rosa Road Traffic Safety Committee were commended by the Board of Supervisors for their efforts in energizing the community and facilitating the extremely high response rate.

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Page revised: November 15, 2005