A major Bicycle Touring Race will take place in California the week of February 20 - 26, 2006. The racers will come through the Santa Rosa Valley on Saturday, February 25th, during the middle of the day and the State and County have authorized the race authorities to totally close Santa Rosa Road for the time necessary for the race. You will not be allowed access to Santa Rosa Road from side streets or driveways during the time the riders are coming through the Valley (a period that has been variously estimated from 30 minutes up to 1-1/2 hours). Additional traffic congestion should be expected both before and following the race passing.

Please be patient with the CHP Officers who have been tasked to manage traffic for the race. They have had this responsibility thrust upon them without the benefit of adequate resources and/or additional manpower. There will also be volunteers helping to close streets and major driveways, please cooperate with them for a safe event. Residents interested in watching the race pass through the Valley are encouraged to walk or drive to the closest intersection near Santa Rosa Road and observe from there. Preventing any unnecessary traffic will help make this a safe event.

The following links are provided for your information.

A letter to Santa Rosa Valley Residents from the race promoters (PDF)

Log for February 25th Course (PDF)

AMGEN Race Web Site
(Note: If you use the maps on this site be sure to zoom down to higher resolution maps to see the latest route.)

Additional information will be distributed as it becomes available.

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Page revised: February 19, 2006