MARCH 28, 2006

By Jim Fortney

In November 2005 the Ventura County Board of Supervisors acted to approve a Santa Rosa Road Signalization Project after property owners in the Valley voted to tax themselves through a special assessment district to offset a major portion of the project cost. The Supervisors indicated that the Public Works Department would have full authority in managing the project and that resident participation would be limited to communications with the County through the appointed Municipal Advisory Council (MAC). The County has since further limited citizen participation to a single Community Representative selected by the MAC.

The Council promptly selected Kevin Cannon, a resident living on Presilla Rd, to serve as the Community Representative (CR). Kevin has worked very close with County staff over the last several weeks to understand their process and facilitate community participation in the project. As an appointee of the Council, he has tried to use that vehicle to communicate with the citizens of the community. Unfortunately, only a very limited number of residents have had an opportunity to participate.

The project is now in the stage where the system requirements have been defined and a Scope of Work (SOW) prepared prior to release of a Request for Proposal to prospective engineering companies. The CR (Kevin) has reviewed the preliminary systems requirements and solicited input from the few who have attended his MAC presentations. There was at one time discussion about having Kevin make a formal presentation of the project for the whole community but that has apparently not yet occured.

In an effort to communicate as widely as possible with the Santa Rosa Valley community, Kevin has provided the Santa Rosa Valley Information Website with a copy of his latest submission to the County. This document is designed to communicate with the project team members about SRV community concerns. It (along with the other links available here) is in PDF format so a maximum number of users will be able to display it on their computer. If you need a copy of the Acrobat Reader to display these items, there is a link to the Adobe download page in the Menu frame on the left.

To assist those who are not familiar with the County project, Kevin has also provided the following documents:

Updated Plan for Traffic Signalization of Santa Rosa Rd (3/23/06), and

Draft Project Scope of Work (2/15/06)

If you wish to communicte with Kevin about the project to either ask questions or offer comments, he can be reached via email at

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Page revised: March 28, 2006