APRIL 23, 2006

By Jim Fortney

The Ventura County Public Works Agency has responded to the comments submitted by the community last month on the proposed Scope of Work document. In a sternly worded reply, the County informed the Santa Rosa Valley MAC that the document represented their best professional effort, and that it conforms with the direction they have received from the Board of Supervisors. The MAC was informed that no changes were made to the Scope of Work as a result of the comments submitted by the Community.

Specific responses were included in an annotated copy of the original submittal. This response copy has been posted for your review. Click Here for PDF

Butch Britt, head of the County Public Works department responsible for the signalization project, was in attendance at the MAC Meeting on Thursday, April 20, 2006. He explained that the scope of effort on this project must be very tightly contained in order to minimize the negative financial impact due to scope changes. During his comments he informed the Council that significant cost impacts have already been identified. He stated that the roughly $150K per signal estimate used during early activities on this project is now considered obsolete. He indicated that recent similar signal installation projects being bid are coming in with proposals in the $400K per signal region (a 266% increase in cost). He was unable to explain why, and said it was as much of a surprise to the affected Cities as it is to him.

The next step in the SR Road Project is the release of a Design RFP on Monday, April 24, 2006, with a response date of the end of May.

Kevin Cannon is serving as the Community Representative (CR) interfacing directly with the County on this project. If you wish to communicate with Kevin about the project to either ask questions or offer comments, he can be reached via email at

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Page revised: April 23, 2006