JANUARY 16, 2008

By Jim Fortney

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the Federal Agency that designates which areas are likely to be subject to flooding under severe flood conditions and therefore fall under the Federal Flood Insurance Policies. Because of the Arroyo Santa Rosa and it's tributaries, portions of the Santa Rosa Valley are covered by this designation. FEMA is in the process of updating their determinations and some of their proposed changes will have a negative impact on property owners in the designated areas. An effort to verify the correctness of their latest findings and request corrections as appropriate is under way.

Mark Burley (a SRV Municipal Advisory Council member) released the following message to Santa Rosa Valley property owners on January 10, 2008.


To all SRV residents

Today I received the attachment to the appeal letter that the Watershed Protection District has sent to FEMA last November regarding the proposed revision to the FEMA floodplain maps.

We had thought at the time that the appeal only affected the Hidden Meadows area. However it turns out that the WPD also appealed on behalf of the Camelot Estates area. Apparently the WPD believes that the 100 year flood would be contained by the concrete channel. The written attachment and a scan of their proposed revised map is attached. The map is very difficult to read as it has no roads to refer to. However it seems that the WPD believes that the 100 flood would remain in the concrete channel at Camelot.

The same seems to be true for the San Sebastian Court area of Hidden Meadows.

I am not sure what the change is from Honey Hill downstream but they refer to a revision there too.

Please forward this information to your neighbors who are affected. I could not read all the e-mail addresses from our floodplain review meeting. Also it is important to note that the WPD has filed this appeal but it may or may not be accepted by FEMA

We will attempt to get exactly what was appealed confirmed for all areas by the next MAC meeting on Jan 17th.

Mark Burley

The following documents are available in PDF form for your information:

Watershed Protection District Appeal Letter dtd 11-29-07

WPD Attachment affecting Hidden Meadows

WPD Attachment affecting Camelot

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Page revised: January 16, 2008