JULY 29, 2008


The Ventura County Board of Supervisors will consider funding authorization for the construction phase of the Santa Rosa Road Synchronized Signalization Project at their regular Board Meeting on Tuesday, August 5, 2008.

Several months later than originally scheduled, the Bid's for installation of four additional signals on Santa Rosa Road are finally in and award of the contract is scheduled. The Project encountered delays when early last year the estimates for installation of the signals sky rocketed. The explanation at the time was that there were significant increases in cost of the materials and support software. At one point the revised estimates were double the amount of money initially forecast for the Project. There was talk that the since the Assessment District funding was going to fall so short of what was going to be required that the County would have to re-schedule or possibly cancel the Project.

Additional funding for the Project was investigated with the possibility that Grant Funding from the State might be available, but the application for those funds was denied early in the Grant process. Not wanting to delay any longer, the SRV MAC notified Supervisor Parks that it believed the Bid process should be initiated. The Supervisors directed the Transportation Department to solicit bids for the Project, but included the provision that the effort should be broken into alternative increments so they might consider authorizing less than the total project if funding were not available.

The results of the bidding process have been almost as big of a surprise as the sky rocketing estimates. The Bids have come in at cost levels very close to the original forecast. Despite the lower expected costs reflected in the Bids, in accordance with the Supervisor's earlier direction, the Transportation Department has structured their contract award recommendation with the option of only funding portions of the Project as this time. A copy of the Transportation Department's transmittal letter (in PDF format) is available for your review here. It lays out the alternative funding options.

Approval of the Project authorizing award of the contract requires the vote of 4 of the 5 Supervisors. The Project has never been a "slam dunk" with the Supervisors, but time, economic circumstances, and changes in Board composition, make it even less likely the total Project will be approved without a lot of debate. If you feel it is important the Project supported by approval of the Santa Rosa Road Assessment District (and for which you have been paying for the last two years) go forward as originally proposed, you might consider letting you feeling be known.

Consideration of this issue is Agenda Item 56 on the Board of Supervisor's Agenda for Tuesday, August 5th. Although it is NOT a Hearing, the action has been designated as a Time Certain Item. It is scheduled along with one other possibly controversial issue for consideration after 11:00 a.m. Because the Board is not meeting for most of its normal meetings this month, the schedule is expected to be very tight and public presentations may be limited more than normal. If you wish to express your opinion on this subject to the Supervisors, in addition to being present at the meeting you should consider submitting a written statement. Because of the limited time before the Board Meeting, you either need to submit it in person at the meeting or make a submission by email.

Individual email addresses for the Supervisors can be found on the Ventura County Website or you may direct your submittal to The Clerk of the Board who will provide copies to the Supervisors at the meeting. Be sure to mail your comments early enough for them to be received on time.

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Page revised: July 29, 2008