OCTOBER 18, 2008

The Edison Company has been advertising their massive infrastructure upgrade efforts in the media for several months. The 66 kV circuit serving central Thousand Oaks has been upgraded in recent weeks with several new larger prominent utility poles and increased circuits being installed in the vicinity of the Moorpark Road - Santa Rosa Road intersection (and across the road at the YMCA). A few residents in the area have expressed concerns about what is being done (both visual and EMI impacts) but there appears to have been little notice of the project since it was constructed using an existing easement and was accomplished before the neighborhood had a chance to react.

In a surprise presentation at the MAC Meeting on Thursday, the Edison Company disclosed that another similar project is being planned for the Western end of the Valley. An additional 66 kV circuit is to be installed to support the Newbury Park area of Thousand Oaks. This project is also to be constructed within an existing easement that crosses the Western end of Presilla and Santa Rosa Road at approximately Rositta Road. This easement currently contains the very high tension lines (~220 kV) that run from the generator station at Port Hueneme to the Distribution Sub-Station in Moorpark. The 66 kV circuits then radiate back out from Moorpark to the areas to be served.

The Power Point presentation on this second project as given to the MAC by the Edison Company is available at:

Although the Edison Company insists that they are using all the latest technology to make these lines as safe as possible to humans and other animals, neighbors in the area of the easement are disturbed by the minimal notice they have received and the mixed answers they are receiving regarding safety issues.

As indicated in the presentation, the time to communicate these concerns to the California Public Utilities Commission is limited. A group is being formed to coordinate a community response on this issue. If you are interested in learning more about this effort, email or call Eliza Coleman (805-217-9460) and she will insure someone gets back to you.

Edison Company contact information is included in the presentation.

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Page revised: October 18, 2008