JANUARY 12, 2009 (Updated 2/11/09)

By Kevin Cannon

The estimated time of completion for the new traffic signals is now the 4th week of January providing no major rain or other delays. (Signals are scheduled to be turned on February 18th.) There will be some minimal traffic disruptions during the next few weeks in order to install rumble strips and re-stripe the roadway at various locations. These activities may take an entire week or more and will take place during mid week non-rush hour times.

The signals will be pre-tested but remained covered until they are all ready to go. Once activated they will operate in a synchronized manner during peak rush hours only, Monday thru Friday. The 45 mph synchronization will start at 6:15 am and last until 9:00 am. It will start again at 3:00 pm and end at 6:45 pm. During these periods side street traffic may have a maximum wait time of up to 90 seconds. Normal wait time will be around 50 - 60 seconds. Signal operation outside of the peak traffic windows will be "on-demand" from side street traffic, meaning signals will remain green for cars on Santa Rosa Road but will cycle independently whenever a side street or left turn car trips the ground loop.

Please practice extra patience with the system initially. There will likely be multiple tuning changes made by the County traffic engineers during the first few weeks in order to optimize the traffic flows for all travelers. A new electronic no right-turn on red sign at Moorpark Road and Santa Rosa Road will be displayed from 6 am to 8 pm Monday thru Friday. The rest of the time, a right turn green arrow will be operational to control when it's OK to turn right. There will also be a delay in getting our new lighted street name signs installed at each of the new intersections due to a material shortage.

Your input would be greatly appreciated all throughout, especially after the system is up and running. The sooner problems are reported whenever they are observed, the sooner they can be addressed by County engineers. Feel free to contact me with any issues or concerns. The goal has always been to improve safety for everyone. Please try to keep that in mind while you wait a little longer in order to help your neighbor down the road egress more safely.

Kevin Cannon
Volunteer Citizen Representative
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Page revised: January 12, 2009