FEBRUARY 11, 2009

By Jim Fortney

Kudos to Butch Britt and the Ventura County Public Works Administration Transportation Department for their decision on the re-striping of Moorpark Road between Lexington Hills and Santa Rosa Road.

The traffic situation on Moorpark Road in front of Lexington Hills during peak periods has been extremely unsafe for an extended period. The poor alignment of lanes coupled with the confusing allocation of median spacing has resulted in some drivers (illegally) using the merge lane (or even the Lexington Hills right turn lane) as a primary traffic lane. Drivers who were following the rules of the road were often faced with being side swiped or being unable to get in the right turn lane. The car parts that had to be regularly cleared from the shoulder testified to the problem.

Despite the situation being a major safety hazard for all of the Santa Rosa Valley residents, last year the SRV Municipal Advisory Council endorsed a re-striping plan proposed by the Lexington Hills HOA which was (in this author's opinion) clearly not in the interest of the majority of Valley residents. In the end however, the Transportation Department had the final say on how the problem was going to be addressed.

The solution implemented last week in conjunction with the initial stages of installing all of our new signals appears to be a 1000% improvement. Not only does Lexington Hills have a designated deceleration lane, but the intersection is clearly marked to provide them egress when traffic backs up to their intersection.

To me this seems like a Win Win situation. A week's worth of observation has indicated that traffic immediately conformed to the new environment and everyone if safer for the work that has been done.

Again, thank you to those who made what looks like sound engineering decisions.

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Page revised: February 11, 2009