MAY 12, 2009

The Ventura County Board of Supervisors approved a 10-1/2 month extension of a development moratorium for land zoned Open Space at their regular Board Meeting today. The moratorium has been narrowed specifically to cover development of facilities that would be for assembly uses.

This issue has come up because of a request for approval of a large church, outdoor amphitheatre, parking, and huge warehouse facility in the Tierra Rejada Valley. The religious organization was trying to apply a Federal Non-discrimination Law in order to get around the normal use restrictions applicable to Open Space. This issue is important to Santa Rosa Valley residents because of the large segments of Open Space zoned property that could be converted to similar use if the County Zoning Ordinances can be superseded.

The moratorium period will be used to investigate and develop new regulations that appropriately limit Open Space usage as it applies to assembly uses.

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Page revised: May 12, 2009