JUNE 17, 2009

The Edison Company has been advertising their massive infrastructure upgrade efforts in the media for several months. The 66 kV circuit serving central Thousand Oaks was upgraded in mid-2008 and the easement crossing the Valley in the area of Yucca Drive is scheduled to be revised with new larger prominent utility poles and increased circuits in the near future. Residents were slow to respond to these projects and because they utilize existing developed easements, efforts to slow them down were unsuccessful.

A similar but larger project involving a new sub-station and additional 66kV circuits involving the Tierra Rejada Valley was annouonced last year and has been the topic of several meetings and City of Thousand Oaks Council action. Although little citizen concern was expressed during the public comment period, a group is now organizing to present an argument against some of the proposal. A public meeting will be held on Thursday, June 25, 2009, and an Invitation has been distributed to solicit participation. The Invitation is available at:

Meeting Invitation

Additional information on the project can be found on the City of Thousand Oaks Website at:

City of Thousand Oaks

The City of TO site contains a link to a full description of the project.

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Page revised: June 17, 2009