MARCH 10, 2010

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The portion of Moorpark Rd between Santa Rosa Road and the YMCA at the top of the grade is within the City of Thousand Oaks. This road segment is in need of major repair and is a safety concern for the thousands of drivers and cyclist that use it every day.

The City has been making plans to reconstruct the road for over two years. Their plan is to remove the existing surfacing, regrade and compact the sub-surface, and repave the road surface “in place”. This approach involves the mixing of the old surface materials with new materials and oil at the job site. It is believed that this procedure will minimize the environmental impacts normally associated with a project of this type.

The greatest impact to Valley residents will be the closure of the road for 2-3 months to accomplish this task. Traffic from the Santa Rosa Valley and Moorpark will be required to detour via the Moorpark Freeway (SR-23) during this period. Efforts are being made to schedule the reconstruction during Summer months (June – August) while traffic levels are at their minimum. Traffic has been measured at over 6000 trips per day each way during the school year.

The actual timing of the reconstruction is dependent upon availability of Federal funds. If funds are not available in the anticipated time frame, it may be necessary to move the project time frame into the Fall months.

The TO City Council acted on March 9, 2010, to move the project forward by going out to bid. The Council discussion and action on this step can be seen on TOTV. (Scroll down the Agenda in the lower left corner to Item 9 B, and click on the text.)

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