SEPTEMBER 25, 2010

One of the actions taken at the September Santa Rosa Valley Municipal Advisory Council (SRV-MAC) meeting was to reestablish a local point of contact for reporting and resolving instances of Graffiti in the Valley.

Earlier efforts to confront this issue had encountered a snag when concerns arose about training, insurance, and the use of clean-up groups that included minors. Supervisor Parks assisted in resolving these issues and the plans for a local effort to combat this blight on our community are moving forward. The MAC has named the new group GRIT, the Graffiti Removal Intervention Team, at the suggestion of Mark Burley.

Kevin Cannon has once again agreed to coordinate this activity and the email address of:


has been established for your use in reporting Graffiti. The old address of Graffiti@SantaRosaValley.US will also still work.

If you see any Graffiti, please report it to the Team. They will attempt to obtain any necessary property access authorization and remove the Graffiti as soon as possible. If you should happen to see Graffiti efforts in progress, please do not get personally involved and immediately contact the Sheriff's Office at 805-654-9511 to report the incident.

If you are interested in participating on this Team or assisting in any way, you can contact Kevin at the above address.

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Page revised: September 25, 2010