I want to thank all of the individuals who have signed up for the Santa Rosa Valley Electronic Newsletter and the Discussion Reflector.  I believe they will grow to become real assets to the Valley.

I also want to thank all of you who have shared your thoughts and ideas about how we might make things even better.  This message is to inform you of some of the CHANGES that are being made as a result of your input and our experiences over the last three weeks.  Some of these changes have already been made over the course of the last week, the balance will become effective on Tuesday, September 26, 2000.


Apparently the use of the term Property Owners was seen as restrictive to some.  Our intent was to be inclusive rather than to exclude anyone who could benefit from the system.

The first change is to change the name of the Web Site to "Santa Rosa Valley - Information Website".  The URL will change to: http://www.orgs.cc/SRV/  You will want to update your Favorites or Bookmark entries but use of the old URL will automatically link to the new location until you can make those changes.

The second name change is that the Electronic Newsletter / Announcements Service name will change from "SRVPO" to "SantaRosaValley".  This change will be made by the Moderator.  The only change you will see besides the name is a message that you have been subscribed to the new service.

Lastly, the Discussion Reflector name will change from "SRVPO-L" to simply "SRV-L".  Again, for those on the Reflector the change will be made by the Moderator and the only change you will see besides the name is a message that you have been subscribed to the new service.


The "SantaRosaValley" Announcement / Newsletter Service is open to anyone who is interested.  Confusion resulted when individuals were asked to supply their Names, Addresses, and Telephone Numbers when all they wanted to do was subscribe to what was supposed to be an open Reflector.  The intent had been to encourage everyone to join the Discussion Reflector (which does require that you identify yourself as a property owner, resident, or business owner in the Valley), and to use those registrations as the basis for the Newsletter Service.  We still encourage all interested Valley individuals to subscribe to the "SRV-L" Discussion Reflector, but if someone  only wants the Newsletter Service it is available that way.  See the Web Page for details.


Individuals who sign up for the "SRV-L" Discussion Reflector (and we hope that is all electronically capable individuals in the Valley) will automatically be subscribed to the Electronic Newsletter Distribution.  The information distributed on "SantaRosaValley" will not be duplicated on "SRV-L".


The Services have been structured to minimize the possibility that they might be subject to distribution of unwanted messages.  The "SantaRosaValley" Newsletter is fully moderated and only messages approved by the Moderator are distributed.  The "SRV-L" Discussion Reflector requires registration for participation and an Acceptable Use Policy applies.  Any participant found guilty of violating that Policy will be unsubscribed from the Reflector.

The value of the "SRV-L" Discussion Reflector will be enhanced by having the largest possible number of Valley property owners and residents participating.  Please share (forward) this message with everyone you know in the Valley that has email.

Thank you for participating and continue to let me know how we can make things better.

- Jim Fortney