County Board of Supervisors Decides
In Agreement With Community Request

On Tuesday, December 18th, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors meet to consider the proposals for upgrading the Moorpark Road and Santa Rosa Road intersection. The Hearing Room was filled with interested citizens, members of County Staff, and the Press. The proposal sponsored by Board Chairman Frank Schillo to utilize the traditional intersection design without a "free-flow right turn lane" was approved unanimously.

The approved motion included several other provisions such as:

- a "No Turn on Red" signal for southbound Moorpark Road traffic,

- a "Keep Clear" road stencil in front of the Lexington Hills entrance,

- a requirement for the Traffic Department to insure that all traffic signal timing on Santa Rosa Road supports the concept of breaking the traffic into "packets",

- a requirement for the Public Works Department to present a set of recommendations on how to deal with Santa Rosa Road traffic as a "total issue" (this is an expansion of a request the Board had made previously concerning possible methods for speed mitigation),

- a request that the Staff specifically flag for re-consideration the General Plan issue of turning Santa Rosa Road into a 4-lane highway.

There were additional study and report issues included but I do not have the details available to report.

The meeting started off on a very positive note when Supervisor Flynn suggested that "since there is no disagreement within the Board for this proposal, I suggest we dispense with the Hearing and take our vote". There were legal concerns about not allowing those who wanted to speak an opportunity to do so, so the Hearing was conducted. It was no doubt a good thing that it happened that way since several speakers (there were originally 36 requests to speak) brought out significant related issues that were incorporated into the final motion. It became very clear during the over two-hour Hearing that the Community wanted to be heard on many concerns.

There was no presentation by the Traffic Department (it was reported that the Department Head and the Chief Traffic Engineer were "out of the County today"), but the Director of Public Works did speak briefly following the public comments stating that his organization had not made a presentation because "they were not ready". Although not ready to report on the proposal, he did respond to Supervisor Mikels' questioning by stating that the conversion of the Moorpark Road / Santa Rosa Road intersection to a traditional signaled intersection would not improve the "service level" compared to the existing intersection.

Supervisor Mikels initially expressed reservations about applying the "No Right Turn on Red" requirement without adequate input from the Staff, but was strongly encouraged by the audience to take the more restrictive stance for the present.

There was significant reference to the Jennifer Bonds accident including a presentation by Paul Bonds (her father), but the bulk of the comments were highlighting the fact that the traffic problems in the Santa Rosa Valley are much bigger than one intersection, and are not just an engineering problem. The Traffic problems are impacting every phase of local residents lives, and the residents made it clear they want the people "service levels" improved too.

Most of the Supervisors took time to express their appreciation for the comments offered by the Santa Rosa Valley Community, indicating that for the greatest part they had been constructive and informative. In closing the Hearing, Chairman Schillo took time to introduce the Commander of the Ventura CHP Office who had attended a portion of the Hearing. He expressed his appreciation for the excellent cooperation the County receives from the CHP and assured residents that the CHP will be closely watching Santa Rosa Road.


Page last revised: April 29, 2002