This Website is designed to offer Information Distribution Services to property owners and residents of the Santa Rosa Valley. It is a volunteer non-commercial effort provided by Jim Fortney, a homeowner in the Valley, and will be offered as long as it is providing a service.

The Website (including a BLOG) operates in conjunction with eMail distribution services provided for the benefit of the Santa Rosa Valley community. These products contain no commercial advertising except as provided on the LINKS OF INTEREST page where local businesses are offered a listing.

The current services are:

WEBSITE & BLOG - IMPORTANT NEWS is headlined on the Website and often more detailed articles are provided on the BLOG. Most BLOG topics are open to discussion by registered members (see "About" on the BLOG). Also on the Website are listings of Community Events and pages for many of the Organizations and Groups in the Valley. These selections are all on the Menu at the left. The BLOG Posts and Comments are syndicated and can be automatically delivered to your browser.

SantaRosaValley Announcements List - This eMail-based oneway Newsletter / Announcement service offers bulletins about Civic and Government Activities and Events which affect or involve the Valley. This list is open to all interested individuals, just click on REGISTRATION here or on the Menu.

SRV-ERN Announcements List - The Santa Rosa Valley - Emergency Radio Network (SRV-ERN) is a valley-wide project to provide emergency and disaster communications by having "A radio in every home and business". The project also provides an SMS Text Alerting Service for those that want to participate. This list is used to communicate with the network members and is available through the REGISTRATION link.

Special Lists - Several additional announcement and discussion lists in support of local neighborhoods and groups are provided under this umbrella. They are either explained on the Reflector Page or you will be informed of their availability when you register.

As of November 2009 the old SRV-L Reflector was replaced with the BLOG started in March of that year. The BLOG is intended to encourage two-way discussion of subjects of interest to the whole Valley. The initial topics for the BLOG were oriented around operation of the new Traffic Signals on Santa Rosa Road. Additional topics are added as interest is expressed.

Click on BLOG in the Menu frame at the left to get started. This is a public BLOG, but you will have to Register if you want to Post or Comment. Everyone is reminded that this is a family site and rude behavior or profane language will be the basis for exclusion. Happy BLOGGING

Do you have an item that should be posted on the Web Page or distributed on the Announcements Reflector? Please send the details to Jim Fortney. We will review the item as soon as possible and either post it or contact you to discuss the appropriate handling. Please remember this is a volunteer effort and we may not get back to you immediately.


This Website and the other services are intended to serve the residents and business owners in the Valley. Time will be spent on maintaining these services based upon their perceived value to the community. If you have an idea on what should be included, please pass it on. Please also tell your neighbors about this Website and encourage them to join us too.

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Page last revised: August 21, 2013