The Santa Rosa Valley Information Website offers several Internet based services designed to enhance communications in the Valley. These offerings periodically change to provide the services of greatest value to the community. The current offerings are:


The Announcements Service is named SantaRosaValley

SantaRosaValley is a oneway Newsletter / Announcement service offering Bulletin type eMail about Civic and Government Activities and Events which affect or involve the Valley. This service is open for membership to all interested individuals.


The Santa Rosa Valley Information Website BLOG is an open discussion Blog for Valley Residents who want to participate in group discussions about affairs that affect our Valley. This is a great place to discuss subjects which interest or impact Valley Residents in general. The service requires that you register with a real name, but messages will be posted as long as a few simple rules are adhered to by those on the Reflector.

There will be no commercial content to messages and signatures may only list basic business information (name, address, telephone). If you have a business that serves the Valley and you have an electronic presence, I will be glad to provide a link to your site on the Links Page.

There will be no personal attacks. This is a place to offer constructive suggestions. If you have negative comments to make, keep them factual.

There will be no foul language.

The BLOG is available for syndication (RSS) if you want to receive the posts by email.


Several private lists are provided for individual not-for-profit organizations and homeowner associations. Information on these lists is noted on the organization's Web page.

To REGISTER for any of the email services offered by the Santa Rosa Valley Information Website, click on


The information requested is only to verify that it is appropriate for you to be on the lists and to provide a point of contact if we need to get in touch with you. We have no big Privacy Policy that says you are giving us all the rights to do anything we want with your data. We simply will not share your data without getting your permission first.

Anyone with an item they think is appropriate for posting on SantaRosaValley should send it to Jim Fortney.


Page last revised: October 7, 2016